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Anglo Cultural Events – May 2011

Mayo 20: La Música en Tiempos de Shakespeare - Presentación a cargo del Profesor Emérito Roberto Puig sobre el contexto musical en la Inglaterra de la corte isabelina y jacobea. Los compositores, canciones e instrumentos que de una u otra forma  influenciaron las obras de William Shakespeare y su relevancia en éstas. La presentación cuenta con el acompañamiento musical del grupo Ensamble Barroco, que interpretará las piezas musicales en vivo.
Detalles del evento:
Mayo 20. Prof. Emérito Roberto Puig (Uruguay)
Titulo: La Música en Tiempos de Shakespeare - Acompañado por el grupo Ensamble Barroco.
Lugar: Anglo Town: William Shakespeare Theatre
Hora: 18:00 (*)
Únicamente a través de reserva:
Entrada Gratuita - Evento en español
May 27th:  Virginia Woolf, Biography and Autobiography - In the year of the 70th anniversary of Virginia Woolf’s death, it seems appropriate to re-read and re-consider her groundbreaking work in the context of her times and of ours. The daughter of Sir Leslie Stephen, the first editor of the Dictionary of National Biography once said that if her father hadn’t died he would have killed her, but his life and family relationships are worked into one of her greatest novels. Her biographies and autobiographical elements in her work are a part of her highly radical, fascinatingly innovative, reformulation of English literature.  This talk attempts to show this by focusing on works such as Orlando, Jacob’s Room, Flush, To the Lighthouse and some of her essays.
Event details:
May 27th: Lindsey Cordery (Uruguay)
Title: Virginia Woolf, Biography and Autobiography
Venue: Anglo Town: Library
Time: 6:00 PM
Free event but booking is required in advance:  

(*)To help reduce distracting noises during the performances, there are usually designated pauses in each programme when late arrivals will be able to be seated. If you arrive late, we recommend that you wait close to your seating area's entrance so that you can be seated by an usher as soon as the pause occurs. If you have to leave a concert before its end, it is best to do so between the different pieces of music.

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Anglo Cultural Events 2011

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